At a marriage conference that I attended the Pastor discussed how men’s brains are like waffles and women are like pancakes. Men he stated are capable of compartmentalizing activities (like a waffle when you pour syrup on it) and don’t always allow one event to effect the next. He gave the example of a man that is late for work, gets water splashed on him as he walks in the office, at lunch almost gets hit by a car, then a dog bites him on the way home, but at the end of the night he is still “in the mood.” After having such a disastrous day “that” is the only thing on his mind and everything else has nothing to do with what he wants at that moment.

 Women on the other hand, he stated are like pancakes. When you pour the syrup it goes all over and runs together. The daily events all run together to cloud your mind and cause you to re-evaluate each step throughout the day.  I agreed with his very simple explanation— the key for me each day is to keep all the syrup on the plate and not go off the edges.

 So that is what this blog is about…….Keeping It All Together. It is not just to complain, because when you are trying to keep it all together there are some hilarious moments. Sometimes you really are laughing to keep from crying while you figure it all out. So my posts are about being a Christian, a wife, a new mom, a step mom, a friend, a sister and having a career along with everything else happening in the world around us. I welcome both men and women because it is nice to get feedback from a different point of view. I will try very hard to place post in the appropriate subject topic, but remember sometimes it all runs together……


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